Self isolating with your aquariums?

Self isolating with your aquariums?

As coronavirus sweeps over the world and infection rates continue to rise, we have been told to practice social distancing. Whether you are personally concerned about the coronavirus or not, the impact it is having on our day to day life is widespread, far reaching and will impact all people in some way. All I can say that it seems more and more people will be practising nesting behaviour.

Throughout the country many mass gathering events such as the Royal Easter Show, Vivid Sydney and The Melbourne Grand Prix have been cancelled and families are looking for ideas at what they can do with the kids in the looming school holiday period. With us spending more time at home, what better thing to get back to or even start up is spending time with an aquarium and fishy friends. Why not go visit the local aquarium shop and support your local business?

Looking at overseas countries that are ahead of us in in this pandemic, we can see that most public gathering spaces are being avoided. This includes cinemas, shopping centres, parks and sporting events. This furthermore means that we need to develop home activities for our kids and family to undertake that can stimulate thinking and provide hours or enjoyment and interaction. Many aquarium stores provide online ordering these days, so you don't even need to leave the comfort or your own home. Stores that do not should really consider this option especially at times like these as a potential supplement to reduced income especially if things worsen, and like overseas we see stores being forced to close with exemptions being food stores, pharmacies and other essentials like banks and petrol stations. This pandemic may possibly be one of the biggest things to impact our lives and yet the humble aquarium has a well-earned place in our homes, business place and myriads of other venues.

Being prepared and organising your business as best you can is all we can control in these uncertain times and we at Aquatic Solutions are striving to deal with these things as pre-emptively as possible.

Long live the aquarium!

Julian Wong B.Sc. Hons
JMW International Pty. Ltd. t/as Aquatic Solutions

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