Shrimp Madness Superfood 40g


Specialised shrimp food or feed formulated with various plant-based ingredients and supplements to provide essential nutrients for shrimp.
Nettle, dandelion, alfalfa, moringa, kale, corn, kelp, and chlorella: These are plant sources rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds for shrimp health and growth.
Soymeal: A protein-rich ingredient commonly used in aquaculture feeds.
Yeast is a source of vitamins, minerals, and protein.
Beta-glucan is a type of dietary fiber known to enhance immune function and disease resistance in shrimp.
This combination is a high-quality, nutrient-dense shrimp feed designed to promote optimal health, growth, and disease resistance in shrimp tanks.
Feed approx. 5 mm stick per 20 shrimp. Remove food residues after 24 hours. Keep out of sunlight, and moisture and use in 6 months after opening, please.

My personal recommendation: if I am going to use only one food, this is my first choice definitely as a main food. Suitable for all freshwater shrimp.
Please don’t forget that these pellets are much more compressed than most other available foods and you need to use a much smaller piece of pellet.

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