Tiered Pricing Structure - Online Retailers and Alike (Type B Customers)

Tiered Pricing Structure - Online Retailers and Alike (Type B Customers)

Dear Valued Customer,


We would like to advise you of changes to our trading terms; over the past 3 years we’ve been working with top breeders to supply you with quality fish, quality products and importantly competitive prices in line with our motto – “Better Fish Better Price.” We have implemented a new payment process for all customers, effective from 1st July 2017, and this aligns with the new website currently being built.


We want to continue to grow and offer the service and results you’ve come to expect of us. In order to remain competitive while still retaining our quality, will be introducing a tiered pricing structure moving forward to accommodate all aspects of the aquarium sector. The new tiered scheme reflects our increased experience, quality service and reputation within the industry, catering to all levels of operators within the aquarium community. We are looking at being part of developing healthy growth for this industry and we hope we can continue to serve your company long into the future.


 From the date listed above the changes will be as follow; 
Pre-paid Online Orders – with a pay as you go system to allow you to pay for your cart upon checkout. This means that your order won’t even be processed for packing until payment is completed online. Freight will continue under the current arrangement. 
o All online retailers and alike must prepay their order before shipping. 
o Fish costing under $2.00 per unit, have a minimum of 10 units, this includes ALL orders regardless of how they have ordered.  If you do not adhere to this, your order will be automatically adjusted, 10 fish will be caught and charged accordingly. 
o Minimum orders will be $200.00 (ex. GST) up from $150 (ex. GST)
o Tiered pricing structure for type B customers (online retailers and alike)– 20% additional online retailer fee payable with each order. Reading this means you are TYPE B customer and will have an additional 20% of your total order added to your account on purchase. 
o To aid with clarification, by Appointment only, maintenance business, online retailers, part time aquarium shops and in addition to the aforementioned any, business that operates from residential addresses are classified as type B customers.


If you have any questions or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact the office to discuss your account. 
We thank you for your support and business.



Julian Wong


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