Cherry Shrimp care sheet

Cherry Shrimp care sheet

Cherry Shrimp are small freshwater shrimp that are an interesting addition to the aquarium. These Shrimp are both hardy and useful, as they will eat any leftover food and graze on algae. Their common name of Cherry Shrimp is reflective of their characteristic red colour, although they vary from a pale pink through to the bright red, often depending on the background against which they are placed. Females are usually more brightly coloured than males.

Natural Range


Maximum Size

Maximum of 4cm

Water Quality

Avoid any treatments containing copper.

· Temperature: 22°C - 27°C.

· PH: 7.0—7.6

· General Hardness: 100—200 ppm.


An omnivore, the Cherry Shrimp will accept most prepared sinking foods.

Colour and Varieties

Females are redder than males. The darker the aquarium background the darker red the shrimp will become. In recent times, many new colour morphs have been selectively bred from this and include colours such as blue, yellow, sunkist, black, green, etc.


Easily sexed and bred, the female has a wider abdomen to carry the eggs and is usually more brightly coloured than the males.

General Information

They will not harm other fish; suitable placid tank mates should be chosen carefully with special attention to make sure you provide plenty of cover so that they do not get eaten by fish.

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