Fighting Fish care sheet

Fighting Fish care sheet

Fighting fish make an excellent low maintenance pet. Their amazing colours and finnage make them particularly appealing and are often peoples first introduction to the hobby.


Being such a stunning fish, the many colour and form varieties are very collectable with many people keeping several types (in separate tanks of course)


Keep the fish tank away from extreme sources of hot and cold air such as heaters, heater vents, cold or sunny windows, drafts, air conditioner vents, etc.


Fighters can breathe air from the atmosphere via their labyrinth and as such can be housed in tanks without an air filter or air pump.


Filtration can be used successfully, however, flow and water agitation should be minimised.

Only ONE male fighter per tank!
There are called “fighting fish” for a reason!

 They are highly territorial fish and will react violently if two are placed in the same tank.  You see the preliminary phase of their fighting, the threat display, if you put a mirror up against the tank.  Notice the flared gill covers, which make the fighter look bigger and more aggressive. Female fighting fish are often housed together with fewer issues.


Bettas can live for 3-4years if kept in a good quality environment. They particularly like to have some surface coverage (i.e. floating plants) and a sign of a happy male fighter is one that builds a bubble nest amongst the plants.


Water Parameters: Fighting fish do prefer softer slightly acidic water and this can be achieved through the addition of Indian Almond Leaves. Water should ideally be changed weekly, and the water change should be no more than 50%. Fighters prefer stable consistent water temperatures (ideally between 22 - 26°C)


Fighters need to flare their fins on a regular basis to prevent fin deterioration and exercising their fins using mirrors or neighbouring fighters can strengthen and encourage healthy fin growth.


Feeding: Fighting fish should be fed every day and will consume a wide variety of floating fish foods such as pellets and flakes (3-4 pellets per feed). Fighting fish also love live or frozen foods regularly. At Aquatic Solutions, we feed live black worms once a week as a treat!



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