Aquatic Solutions has worked within the Aquarium retail and wholesale industry for well over 36 years. This family run business based in Sydney, specialises in supplying aquarium stores, pet stores, and zoos with quality ornamental aquarium fish Australia wide.

In October 2014, I, Julian Wong a qualified marine scientist who has managed Aquatic Solutions for the past 7 years took the opportunity to purchase the Aquatic Solutions and continue my ever growing passion for ornamental fish.
We pride ourselves in our strong customer service, quality fish and quick processing and delivery times. Feel comfortable in the fact that we ‘will go the extra 100 miles’ for you to ensure we satisfy all your needs.

I have a wealth of knowledge of fish, having kept and bred fish for over 22 years, being involved with the wholesale of ornamental fish for over 11 years. My main obsessions fish-wise are plecos and shrimps which I have successfully produced and on sold for the past 6 years. I have studied marine science for 4 years and have an honours degree in Aquaculture. My aim is to provide you with the biggest range of fish at the best prices in Australia.    

We are always updating our knowledge and have the ability required to understand the problems associated with both the retailer and retail customers. Therefore always being able to provide a great insight and help to customer enquiries. We pride ourselves in our dedicated and expert customer service, providing a customised, individual approach to all our valued customers.
We support local Australian fish breeders and wherever possible source Australian reared fish with the aim of supporting and increasing Australia’s production of ornamental fish.  

Julian Wong