Live Black Worm (Local) 250ml **SYDNEY METRO OR PICK UP ONLY** (Please read notes)


From 20 October 2020 the sale of live black worm will be restricted to pick up, or Sydney Metro same day delivery customers only. Unfortunately during the warmer months we are no longer able to supply this item to overnight or interstate customers. This is mainly due to the duration of shipping with courier services and unpredictable weather conditions. Apologies for any inconvenience caused but we only wish to provide them in the best condition possible. Should customers in this category wish to purchase black worms, please note that they shall only be supplied at own risk. Thanks again for your understanding and we would like to suggest you try our range of freeze dried black worms as an excellent alternative over the warmer months. I am sure many of you know all too well the frustration of continually flushing and water changing black worms that do not travel well. It literally stinks!! Regards, Aquatic Solutions team

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