Shrimp Madness Shrimp Snow 100g


A natural, high-protein food source ideal for freshwater shrimp and snails. The soybean hulls slowly break down, releasing nutrients over time without polluting the water. -Promotes growth of beneficial fungal mycelia that shrimp graze on.
For shrimp/snails: Add 1-2 small pellets 2-3 times per week, adjusting the amount based on tank size and number of inhabitants.
Pellets will expand and turn into white flakes that provide a long-lasting food source.
-100% natural, no additives or fillers
- Slowly biodegradable, will not foul water
- Promotes growth of nutritious fungal mycelia
- Ideal for shrimp breeding or when away on vacation
Keep sealed in a cool, dry place. The product is preservative-free.
Net Weight: 100g

My personal note: it is a soy husk pellet but it is much finer than all others available on the market. I feed it as an extra supplement once or twice a week to all my shrimp tanks.
It is the most popular holiday food as well.

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