In recent years, Aquatic Solutions has consolidated its presence in the aquarium trade and continued to grow and innovate, driving the growth of this wonderful industry. Our keen eye for detail and devotion to fish keeping is unsurpassed, meaning our customer base is supplied with top quality fish in perfect health, displaying prime colouration and having great sizing.

This dedication to our fish means they are carefully checked, packed and shipped to you in optimal condition. It also means, as a retailer you don't have to invest valuable time and effort to grow, to "baby" weak or undersized fish back to good health. Our fish will sell themselves!

The stringent quality control measures we undertake are second to none. We spend considerable effort and resources into feeding our fish with the best feeds available, which we also supply, so you too can continue the feeds that our fish thrive on, making the transition to your tanks even more smoothly.

Over the years, we have continued expanding and advancing our fish keeping knowledge and ability, enabling us to provide you with the biggest range of freshwater ornamental fish in Australia day in and day out.

We are very proud to be announcing a new milestone for Aquatic Solutions which will compliment our exceptional range and quality fish. We have been swimming upstream and have recently purchased Australia's largest freshwater ornamental fish farm. This will make Aquatic Solutions a true market leader and our loyal customer base will have access to many new exciting lines of Aussie bred fish with well insulated stable pricing, independent of global supply chain issues that have plagued this industry in recent times.

For me, I will be returning to where it all started for me and where my passion for this hobby began...... breeding fish! The sky is the limit and rest assured no one will be as committed and driven as me to succeed doing this!

I also want to let my suppliers know that I will not be producing fish that you guys are already breeding for me, but rather focusing on species in short, inconsistent supply, or ones that are in high demand or not currently available.

I would like to thank all our loyal customers and suppliers for their support that has allowed me to go on this exciting journey.


Your sincerely,

Julian Wong B.Sc. Hons

JMW International Pty. Ltd. t/as Aquatic Solutions

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