Aquatic Solutions goes from Strength to Strength

Aquatic Solutions goes from Strength to Strength

Aquatic Solutions, a Sydney based ornamental fish wholesaler has been making waves with the big boys in the aquarium industry in recent times. With our great customer service, quick delivery/response times, excellent quality and range and most importantly the best prices around, we stand by our motto ‘Better Fish Better Price’ and have used these strategies to grow and expand in these difficult times.


After our recent expansion and addition of 2 extra holding rooms and goldfish area we are currently running over 1500 x 100-200L glass aquariums and 50 x 1000L ponds. Our quarantine room receives newly imported fish on a weekly basis and if there is any type of fish you are searching for I will do my best to locate it for you.


I, Julian Wong, the owner of Aquatic Solutions had the opportunity to purchase Aquatic Solutions back in October 2013 and to continue my ever growing passion for ornamental fish. Having being the manager for this company for the past 8 years and with my Honours degree in marine science and long history of breeding rare and exotic fish, it was just the next logical step for me. I must admit being a self-proclaimed fish addict. I play with fish all day at work, then go home to my own fish at night then spend most of the weekend out on the rocky ocean ledges rock fishing. I am not shy of hard work and fish keeping is indeed hard work but there is nothing more that I would rather do. (maybe get away to do more fishing!!!) 


Having kept and bred fish for over 24 years and being involved with the wholesale of ornamental fish for over 12 years I have gained a lot of experience and insight into keeping fish. My main obsessions fish-wise are plecos and shrimps which I have successfully produced and on sold for the past 8 years. Keeping fish is a continually challenging prospect which requires quick problem solving skills, patience and a good memory. The ongoing challenge of acquiring the skills to keep all different forms of aquatic life in aquariums has only fuelled my obsession with fish. However I am the first one to admit that I know very little in the grand scheme of fish keeping. Knowing everything about fish is like finding the holy grail (maybe one day soon!).


We are always updating our knowledge and the ability required to understand the problems associated with both the retailer and retail customers. Therefore, we are always able to provide a great insight and help to customer enquiries. We pride ourselves in our dedicated and expert customer service and providing a customised, individual approach to all our valued customers.


Aquatic Solutions also works closely with our sister company BioSupplies who do a huge range of live crickets, woodies, meal worms and frozen feeds for reptiles as well as all the reptile products and enclosures. Where possible we combine our orders to save freight for our customers. Combined, these two businesses have worked hand in hand with the aquarium retail and wholesale industry for well over 38 years. Both these independently owned, family run businesses specialise in supplying aquarium stores, pet stores, aquarium maintenance/servicing business and zoos with quality ornamental aquarium fish and reptile products Australia wide.


Aquatic Solutions is a strong supporter of Australian fish breeders and wherever possible source Australian reared fish with the aim of supporting and increasing Australia’s production of ornamental fish. So if you are a successful local breeder and would like to sell your fish in bulk please don’t hesitate to contact me. We are always searching for new suppliers to increase our range. Please note we are strictly a wholesale business and do not supply fish directly to the general public. I strongly believe in the flow of fish from producer to wholesaler to retailer to public and an avid supporter of Aquarium stores as that is where I developed my love for aquarium fish. I still remember the days when I used to scour the tanks of my local fish shop, then go home and research the water conditions, compatibility etc. of a particular fish and save all my pocket money, to then go back and buy it.


 I believe that aquarium stores have their place in this industry they just have to work on improving aspects such as online advertising, online stores and working on their display tanks and stock levels.


I feel really sad when I visit some stores and see empty tanks or poorly displayed tanks as this will not seduce new generations into this awesome hobby. I understand times are tough and stores are struggling to make ends meet but I believe you need to invest money to make money. I have an ever growing proportion of my stores only ordering in fish to sell directly to their customers, that is my fish don’t even enter these shops tanks!!


Don’t get me wrong there are several very impressive stores out there that are doing some really exciting and brilliant things with their stores. Fish Tank, Something Fishy, Abyss, Reef River Reptile and Aquaristic are just a few very nice stores that come to mind. I would urge other shopkeepers to go and check out other stores to get ideas on how to improve their own store.


I myself still visit aquarium shops whenever I get a chance. It gives me new ideas and I like seeing where my fish end up. I especially love visiting aquarium stores and public aquariums when on overseas vacations. It’s just mind boggling what shops are doing in countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Korea and Japan (Check out my other articles about my travels there) 


Having recently arrived back from Aquarama in Singapore, a true expo of ornamental fish, and after visiting some of my suppliers farms and operations, I saw how the well the Singaporean Government supports this industry and I am so envious of them and only wish the Australian Government could learn a few lessons from them.


Every person we can attract to this hobby is one more who will spread this addictive, fascinating and educational hobby to their friends, family and workmates and thus perpetuating this wonderful pastime.


I have learnt two main things in this business. Firstly, the only real thing that is predictable is change. We must change and adapt with the times. One cannot only rely on a 40 year old formula/strategy to sell fish. The second is knowledge. It is to be shared for the future benefit of this industry and not locked up in a safe for protection.


I would like to thank all of our valued customers and my dedicated team here at Aquatic Solutions for their ongoing support and would like to welcome any new customers ready to try our exceptional fish. 


Julian Wong B.Sc. Hons


JMW International Pty. Ltd. t/as Aquatic Solutions