While I was in China, I couldn't visit Guangzhou without going to visit my favourite aquarium market. Huadiwan markets are still booming with all aspects of the aquarium trade as per my last visit back in 2017 ( and…/a.12609598839…/1330296480338745/…)

This time I was searching for new ideas and products to bring to Australia for our next container. I have discovered several new products that have recently entered the market and will definitely be beneficial for our customers and trade back home. Stay tuned to receive more updates!

While exploring the myriad of stores in the market I was constantly being impressed at their awesome displays and intrigued at viewing many fish that I have never seen in person before. This visit I did notice a few new fish having a much stronger presence since my last visit including huge quantities of siam tigers , short body long fin platinum koi as well as the usual mix of tank busters including peacock bass, arowana, stingrays, arapaima.

I learnt this time that all the aquascaped tanks on display are actually for sale. They are complete ready-to-go take home packages that are absolutely stunning. Shop owners create them in their spare time and get some really good prices for them. Maybe we could see more of this in Australian stores?

If you're ever in Guangzhou this is a must-see place to visit especially if you're a fish fanatic like me.

Julian Wong B.Sc. Hons
JMW International Pty. Ltd. t/as Aquatic Solutions


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