Leaders, Innovators and Entrepreneurs of our Aquarium Industry

Leaders, Innovators and Entrepreneurs of our Aquarium Industry

After hearing of the recent passing of a legend of this industry, Dr Herbert Axelrod I started to think about where this hobby is headed and was saddened by the lack of new blood entering and driving this industry with the same tenacity, comitment and leadership that created this industry. I still remember reading over many of Axelrod's publications with wonder and amusement and even to this day at times refer to them for info or pics. When I started this hobby, books and magazines were main sources for inspiration and ideas for me and i am so grateful and proud to own many of his books. Something that younger generations may not be aware of due to current ease of finding info using the internet these days. 

We seem to be slowly losing the great pioneers of this industry who in my childhood inspired me. Their influence on me was such that I have devoted both my work life and recreational life to pursuing my addiction to this hobby and now business. The recent passing of a few of my other heroes that come to mind include;

-Gunther Eheim https://www.eheim.com/en_GB/news-list?nid=3353

-Takashi Amano http://www.practicalfishkeeping.co.uk/news2015/aquascaping-pioneer-takashi-amano-dies 

All aquarists owe so much to these forefathers who developed, moulded and inspired this industry and made it what it has become today.

And where to next? Who are are the current leaders and where can we source new leaders.

Although controvesial the recent development of transgenic fish has been one of the greatest achievements in recent times and even if you don't approve it one must still stand in awe of this scientific achievements of Lin Yu-ho. The modern day father of transgenic fish who has bred incorporating DNA from jellyfish and corals to create these stunning fluorescent fish.

Lin Yu-ho http://www.roc-taiwan.org/za_en/post/4416.html
So I just wanted to take a moment to write this article in honour of the greats and to let people know the history behind these household names who we owe so much to.

Julian Wong B.Sc. Hons

JMW International Pty. Ltd. t/as Aquatic Solutions

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