The Bond Between Shopfront Retailers and Wholesalers

The Bond Between Shopfront Retailers and Wholesalers

As many of you can appreciate there is a strong bond that ties wholesalers to the retailers and the very success of each counterpart depends on this symbiotic relationship just as the clown fish and anemone have in their mutually beneficial coexistence.


Wholesalers take big risks and provide lines of interest free credit to the retailers to facilitate the start-up, growth and overall success of an aquarium shop. It is this vested interest and sponsorship-like investment that wholesalers have in the overall development of the aquarium industry that should not be overlooked.


As mentioned time and time again, everyone is doing it tough and that is all levels - producers to retailers. This has forced some producers to reconsider and tighten their trading terms which obviously has roll on effects downstream. Wholesalers want and need to provide the best stock around at great prices but are often restricted by slow paying or defaulting debtors. We risk losing our discounts or risk the producers seeking to supply others if our bills there are not paid on time.


The one thing I hate about my job is debt collection and most of you probably hate it too. Please understand that it is really a necessary evil for us in order keep the ball rolling and satisfy our suppliers and subsequently you, our valued customers. I thank the majority of our customers for their understanding in this matter and punctual payments. I only hope the few slackers (you know who you are) can organise themselves a little better.


There has been recent speculation amongst some wholesalers to provide only COD terms due to being burnt by defaulting debtors and bankrupt shops doing the runner. I have been burnt several times now and I absolutely hate this feeling. Rest assured Aquatic Solutions will continue our current trading terms although we too have to be responsible with the amount of credit we let out and ensure we keep to our trading terms as best as possible. We are very understanding and approachable and if stores are having difficulties meeting trading terms, I urge them to make contact and discuss options and solutions instead of avoidance.


We hope to encourage positive growth for our industry and this will only be achieved by working hand in hand with each other long into the future.


Wishing you all prosperous trading.


Julian Wong B.Sc. Hons
JMW International Pty. Ltd. t/as Aquatic Solutions