Australia's oldest fish producer? Happy 92nd Birthday Ron!

Australia's oldest fish producer? Happy 92nd Birthday Ron!

At almost 92, local veteran goldfish breeder and aquatic plant grower Reinhold of Chester Hill has been supplying Aquatic Solutions with his quality stock for many years now. Over the decades Ron (as I know him) has supplied many aquarium shops around Sydney and even after he could no longer drive, he would still deliver his fish via bus to local shops in buckets using a long hose to blow bubbles to keep the water aerated!

After hearing of his recent hospitalisation and bleak prognosis I myself and the team at Aquatic Solutions are wishing and praying for the best for him and his lovely wife Helga.

I can say for certain that Ron has given a huge contribution to the aquarium industry and even until just the other week has been working tirelessly in his suburban backyard breeding and growing quality goldfish, huge Ramshorn Snails and superb quality pond grown plants such as Vallisneria and Ambulia. This is no mean feat as people even half his age would struggle to do what he does on a daily basis. Definitely a true work horse and this is a quality that I have always admired in Ron.

Hope you get better soon Ron! We need more val!

Julian Wong B.Sc. Hons

JMW International Pty. Ltd. t/as Aquatic Solutions

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